Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday Office of Readings Even Week diurno

Give us love and faith, victory against Satan

Christe, lux vera, bónitas et vita,
O Christ, true light, goodness and life,
gáudium mundi, píetas imménsa
joy of the world, holiness immeasurable
qui nos a morte vívido salvásti
Thou who hast saved us from a living death
sánguine tuo,
by Thy blood,

2. Insere tuum, pétimus, amórem
Plant thy love, we beg,
méntibus nostris, fídei refúnde
in our minds, pour forth faith's
lumen ætérnum, caritátis auge
eternal light, increase charity's
burning love.

3. Procul a nobis pérfidus absístat
May deceitful Satan go far away from us
Satan, a tuis víribus confractus;
by Thy strength destroyed;
Sanctus assístat Spíritus, a tua
Let the Holy Spirit stand by us, from Thy
sede demíssus.
Throne sent down.

4. Glória Deo sit ætérno Patri,
sit tibi semper, Genitóris Nate,
cum quo per cuncta Spíritus æquális
sæcula regnat. Amen.

The author of this (circa) 10th century hymn is unknown. See yesterday's diurno hymn for more details.

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