Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Office of Readings Even Week diurno

The felicitous love which thirsts for Truth

1. Amóris sensus érige
Arouse the feelings of love
ad te, largítor véniæ,
toward Thee, O generous Giver of pardon,
ut fias clemens córdibus
that Thou mayest bring about mercy to hearts
purgátis inde sórdibus.
cleansed therein from sin.

5. Extérni huc advénimus
As strangers we come here
et éxsules ingémimus;
and as exiles we groan;
tu portus es et pátria,
Thou art both refuge and fatherland,
ad vitæ duc nos átria.
lead us to Thy palace of life.

6. Felix quæ sitit cáritas
Happy the love that thirsts for Charity
te fontem vitæ, o Véritas;
Thou fountain of life, O Truth;
beáti valde óculi
most blessed the eyes
te speculántis pópuli.
of those who gaze on Thee.

7. Grandis est tibi glória
It is a great glory to Thee
tuæ laudis memória,
the recollection of Thy praise
quam sine fine célebrant
which without ceasing they glorify Thee
qui cor ab imis élevant.
those who raise up their heart from the lowest.

9. Præsta, Pater piísime,
Patríque compare Unice,
cum Spíritu Paráclito
regnans per omne sæculum. Amen.

The author of this (at least) 10th century hymn is unknown. Lentini omitted verses 2-4 and 8 with the comment that they were "less meaningful." I wonder why? Can anyone find these lost verses?

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