Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Office of Readings Even Week diurno

The Trinity our love, desire and joy

Deus de nullo véniens,
God coming from nothing,
Deus de Deo pródiens,
God proceeding from God,
Deus ab his progrédiens,
God going forth from these
in nos veni subvéniens.
come among us, rescuing.

2. Tu nostrum desidérium,
Be Thou our desire,
tu sis amor et gáudium;
be Thou our love and delight;
in te nostra cupíditas
May our passion be for Thee
et sit in te iucúnditas.
and may our happiness be in Thee.

3. Pater, cunctórum Dómine,
Father, Lord of all,
cum Génito de Vírgine,
together with He-who-was-begotten-of-a-virgin,
intus et in circúitu
within and all around
nos rege Sancto Spíritu.
direct us by the Holy Spirit.

4. Meménto, sancta Trinitas,
Remember, Holy Trinity,
quod tua fecit bónitas,
what Thy goodness has done,
créando prius hóminem,
first creating man,
recreándo per sánguinem.
then restoring him through Thy blood.

5. Nam quo creávit Unitas,
For that which Unity has created,
redémit Christi cáritas;
the charity of Christ has redeemed;
patiéndo tunc díligens,
may the One who suffered then in His love,
nunc díligat nos éligens.
now love us as His chosen.

6. Tríadi sanctæ gáudium,
To the Holy Triad be joy,
pax, virtus et impérium,
peace, strength and authority,
decus, omnipoténtia,
glory, almighty power,
laus, honor, reveréntia. Amen.
praise, honor, reverence.

The author of this (at least) 14th century hymn is unknown.

One verse was omitted in this hymn, for brevity, but also because Fr. Lentini thought it "plays too much with the words and the alliterations, and it preempts the 5th verse." I'll let you decide:

Regendo clemens corrige
By merciful rule correct us
et corrigendo dirige,
and by correcting direct us
diligendo nos eligas
by holding us dear choose us
et cum electis colligas
and with the chosen unite us

[Yeah, I kinda it was OK to omit that verse...]

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