Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Office of Readings Odd Week diurno

We sing to Thee, O Trinity, in adoration

O sacrosáncta Trínitas,
O most holy Trinity,
quæ cuncta condens órdinas,
Thou dost set in order all things Thou hast made
diem labóri députans
assigning labor to the day
noctem quiéti dédicas,
Thou dost dedicate the night for rest,

2. Te mane, simul véspere,
To Thee in the morning, also at evening,
te nocte ac die cánimus;
To Thee night and day do we sing;
in tua nos tu glória
do Thou in Thy glory
per cuncta serva témpora.
preserve us through all times/hours.

3. Nos ádsumus te cérnui
Here we are bowing before Thee
en adorántes fámuli;
behold Thy servants paying homage;
vota precésque súpplicum
offerings and prayers of suppliants
hymnis adiúnge caélitum.
add Thou to the hymns of the saints.

4. Præsta, Pater piísime,
Patríque compare Unice,
cum Spíritu Paráclito
regnans per onme saéculum. Amen.

Verse 1-2 are from an unknown 11th century author. Verse 3 is from an unknown 10th century author. Verse three was added to this extremely short hymn (2 verses). The third verse was taken from the hymn Adesto, sancta Trinitas, which is sung during the Easter season
(after the octave, ad libitum) at the Office of Readings.

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