Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Office of Readings Odd Week diurno

Final invocation of help

Auctor perénnis glóriæ,
Founder of perennial glory,
qui septifórmis grátiæ
who with seven-fold graces
das Spíritum credéntibus,
Thou dost give the Spirit to believers,
assíste mitis ómnibus.
defend us all with mercy.

Expélle morbos córporum,
Expel the diseases of our bodies,
mentis repélle scándalum,
drive away the stumbling block from our minds,
exscínde vires críminum,
destroy the power of sin,
fuga dolóres córdium.
put to flight the anguish of our hearts.

Serénas mentes éffice,
Produce tranquil minds,
opus honéstum pérfice,
accomplish the upright work,
preces orántum áccipe,
accept our beseeching prayers,
vitam perénnem tríbue.
grant us life eternal.

Septem diérum cúrsibus
Running over the course of seven days
nunc tempus omne dúcitur
all time is now led
octávus ille últimus
that eighth and last one
dies erit iudícii.
will be the day of judgement.

In quo, Redémptor quæsumus,
In view of this, O Redeemer we beg,
ne nos in ira árguas,
lest Thou convict us in Thy wrath,
sed a sinístra libera,
rather absolve us from your left,
ad déxteram nos cólloca,
and position us at your right.

Ut, cum preces suscéperis
So that when Thou receivest the prayers
clemens tuárum plébium,
of Thy people with mercy,
reddámus omnes glóriam
may all of us return the glory
trino Deo per sæcula. Amen.
to our Triune God forever.

The author of this hymn is unknown, and the century of its composition uncertain.

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Figulus said...

Hi Geometricus:

"Septiformis gratiae Spiritum" means the Spirit of seven-form grace. It refers to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

"Preces orantum accipe" means accept the prayers of those who pray.

"In quo" means "on that day".