Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Vespers Odd Week


Tellúris ingens Cónditor,
Uncreated creator of the world,
mundi solum qui éruens,
who digging up the surface of the earth,
pulsis aquae moléstiis,
and driving off the troubled waters
terram dedísti immóbilem,
didst firmly establish the land,

Earth's mighty Maker, whose command
raised from the sea the solid land;
and drove each bill'wy heap away,
and bade the earth stand firm for aye:

Ut germen aptum próferens,
That it might bring froth appropriate produce,
fulvis decóra flóribus,
be adorned with golden flowers,
fecúnda fructu sísteret
become prolific in fruits,
pastúmque gratum rédderet:
and yield agreeable sustenance.

That so, with flowers of golden hue,
the seeds of each it might renew;
and fruit-trees bearing fruit might yield,
and pleasant pasture of the field:

Mentis perústae vúlnera
The wounds of the sin-parched soul
munda viróre grátiae,
cleanse by the freshness of Thy grace,
ut facta fletu díluat,
that it may wash way with tears its evil deeds,
motúsque pravos átterat,
and suppress sinful emotions.

Our spirit's rankling wounds efface
with dewy freshness of Thy grace:
that grief may cleanse each deed of ill,
and o'er each lust may triumph still.

Iussis tuis obtémperet,
May it obey Thy commands;
nullis malis appróximet,
may it draw nigh nothing sinful;
bonis repléri gáudeat,
that it may rejoice to be filled with good,
et mortis actum nésciat.
and know not the act of death.

Let every soul Thy law obey,
and keep from every evil way;
rejoice each promised good to win,
and flee from every mortal sin.

Præsta, Pater piíssime,
Patríque compar Unice,
cum Spíritu Paráclito
regnans per omne saéculum.Amen.

Hear Thou our prayer, Almighty King!
hear Thou our praises, while we sing,
adoring with the heavenly host,
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

This hymn tells of the third day of Creation from the first chapter of Genesis.

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