Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Vespers Odd Week

This hymn tells of the sixth day of creation, when the "brute animals" were created, and then man.

Plasmátor hóminis, Deus,
O God, the creator of man,
qui cuncta solus órdinans,
who alone dost dispose all things,
humum iubes prodúcere
Thou didst command that the earth bring forth
reptántis et feræ genus:
reptiles and beasts:

Maker of man, who from Thy throne
dost order all things, God alone;
by whose decree the teeming earth
to reptile and to beast gave birth:

Qui magna rerum córpora,
who the huge bodies of created beings (things)
dictu iubéntis vívida,
became instinct with life at your (spoken) command
ut sérviant per órdinem
that they may serve in assigned rank
subdens dedísti hómini:
Thou didst give to men, placing them under

The mighty forms that fill the land,
instinct with life at Thy command,
are given subdued to humankind
for service in their rank assigned.

Repélle a servis tuis,
Drive from thy servants
quicquid per immundítiam,
evertything which is dirty/lustful
aut móribus se súggerit,
whether it attaches itself to our morals
aut áctibus se intérserit.
or intertwines itself with our actions.

From all Thy servants drive away
whatéer of thought impure to-day
hath been with open action blent,
or mingled with the heart's intent.

Da gaudiórum praémia,
Grant us the reward of heavenly joys;
da gratiárum múnera:
bestow upon us gifts of grace;
dissólve litis víncula,
rend asunder the chains of strife;
astrínge pacis foédera.
draw closer the bonds of peace.

In heaven Thine endless joys bestow,
and grant Thy gifts of grace below;
from chains of strife our souls release,
bind fast the gentle bands of peace.

Præsta, Pater piíssime,
Patríque compar Unice,
cum Spíritu Paráclito
regnans per omne saéculum.

Grant this, O Father, ever One
with Christ, Thy sole-begotten Son,
Whom, with the Spirit we adore,
one God, both now and evermore.

So this hymn is asking God to place our passions under control just as he once place brute beasts in ordered rank, subdued to human beings. Now I get it!

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