Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Lauds Odd Week

Splendor patérnæ glóriæ,
O Splendor of the Father's glory,
de luce lucem próferens,
bringing forth light from light,
lux lucis et fons lúminis,
O Light of Light, and source of light,
diem dies illúminans.
Day illuminating day!

O splendor of God's glory bright,
O Thou that bringest light from light,
O Light of Light, light's Living Spring,
O Day, all days illumining.

2. Verúsque sol, illábere
O Thou, true Sun, descend,
micans nitóre pérpeti,
shining with everlasting brightness,
iubárque Sancti Spíritus
and the radiance of the Holy Spirit
infúnde nostris sénsibus.
infuse into our hearts.

O Thou true Sun, on us Thy glance
let fall in royal radiance,
the Spirit's sanctifying beam
upon our earthly senses stream.

3. Votis vocémus et Patrem,
In our prayers, let us also implore the Father,
Patrem perénnis glóriæ,
the Father of eternal glory,
Patrem poténtis grátiæ,
the Father of mighty grace,
culpam reléget lúbricam.
that He may remove every dangerous inclination to sin.

The Father too our prayers implore,
Father of glory evermore,
the Father of all grace and might,
to banish sin from our delight:

4. Infórmet actus strénuos,
May he shape (in us) manly deeds
dentem retúndat ínvidi,
blunt the teeth of the envious one,
casus secúndet ásperos,
bring adverse events to a favorable outcome,
donet geréndi grátiam.
and give us the grace to act wisely.

To guide whate'er we nobly do,
with love all envy to subdue,
to make ill-fortune turn to fair,
and give us grace our wrongs to bear.

5. Mentem gubérnet et regat
May He rule and direct our mind
casto, fidéli córpore;
to be chaste and faithful in body
fides calóre férveat,
may our faith glow with fervor,
fraudis venéna nésciat.
and may it know not the poison of error.

Our mind be in His keeping placed,
our body true to Him and chaste,
where only faith her fire shall feed
to burn the tares of Satan's seed.

6. Christúsque nobis sit cibus,
May Christ be our food,
potúsque noster sit fides;
and faith our drink,
læti bibámus sóbriam
joyfully let us drink of the sober
ebrietátem Spíritus.
inebriation of the Spirit.

And Christ to us for food shall be,
from Him our drink that welleth free,
the Spirit's wine, that maketh whole,
and mocking not, exalts the soul.

7. Lætus dies hic tránseat;
Joyfully may this day pass by;
pudor sit ut dilúculum,
may our modesty be as the dawn,
fides velut merídies,
our faith as the noonday sun,
crepúsculum mens nésciat.
and may our souls know no twilight.

Rejoicing may this day go hence,
like virgin dawn our innocence,
like fiery noon our faith appear,
nor know the gloom of twilight drear.

8. Auróra cursus próvehit:
The dawn sails on in its course:
Auróra totus pródeat,
let the complete Dawn come forth,
in Patre totus Filius
in the Father the whole Son
et totus in Verbo Pater. Amen.
and the whole Father in the Word.

Morn in her rosy car is borne:
let Him come forth our Perfect Morn,
the Word in God the Father One,
the Father perfect in the Son. Amen.

Britt says this is a companion hymn to Sunday's hymn, very Trinitarian in its construction, with prayers for help and guidance throughout the day. Exactly what I need right now!

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