Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday Lauds Even Week

I will start with the daily hymns for Ordinary Time. I am arbitrarily starting with Lauds, or Morning Prayer. These are arranged in a two week cycle, so I call them Even and Odd Weeks. Since this is the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time, I will start with the Even Friday hymns.

I am mainly just indicating vocabulary to get a flavor of what the text means. I am not going for a smooth translation, whether literal or otherwise. I don't have the expertise to do that.

For example, the English of the first verse below doesn't even make grammatical sense. But if you are familiar with Psalm 104:2-3 [who coverest thyself with light as with a garment,who hast stretched out the heavens like a tent, who hast laid the beams of thy chambers on the waters] you will get the picture.

1. Deus qui cæli lumen es
God who are the light of heaven
satórque lucis, qui polum
and creator of light, who the sky
patérno fultum bráchio
ancient support your arm
præclára pandis déxtera.
you stretch out your splendid right hand

2. Auróra stellas iam tegit
The sunrise hides the stars
rubrum sustóllens gúrgitem,
red (sea?) rising up flood
uméctis atque flátibus
humid and breathing(?)
terram baptízans róribus.
drenching the earth with dew

Iam noctis umbra línquitur,
So the shadows of the night dissolve
polum calígo déserit,
the darkness of the sky departs
typúsque Christi, lúcifer
and a model of Christ, the Day-star (Venus?)
diem sopítum súscitat.
the day from sleep rouses

Dies diérum tu, Deus,
Day of days, you, God,
lucísque lumen ipse es,
and that light of lights you are
Unum potens per ómnia,
One powerful over all
potens in unum Trínitas.
powerful Three in one

Te nunc, Salvátor, quaésumus
You now Savior, we ask
tibíque genu fléctimus,
and to you we bend the knee
Patrem cum Sancto Spíritu
to the Father with the Holy Spirit
totis laudántes vócibus. Amen.
be the praises of all voices.

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