Friday, January 1, 2010

Octave of Christmas: Mary, Mother of God, Lauds

Fit porta Christi pérvia
The gate of Christ [Mary] has become passable
omni reférta grátia,
she is overflowing with all graces
transítque rex, et pérmanet
and the King has crossed over, yet the Gate
clausa, ut fuit, per sæcula.
remains closed, as it has been, and will be forever.

Summi Paréntis Fílius
The most high Father's Son
procéssit aula Vírginis,
procedes from the royal chamber of the Virgin,
sponsus, redémptor, cónditor
as Bridegroom, Redeemer, Maker
suæ gigas Ecclésiæ:
and Giant of His holy Church.

Honor matris et gáudium,
The honor and joy of His Mother [He is]
imménsa spes credéntium,
the infinitely great hope of those who believe, [He is]
lapis de monte véniens
the stone rolling down from the mountain [He is]
mundúmque replens grátia.
and filling the world with grace.

Exsúltet omnis ánima,
Let the souls of every being exalt,
quod nunc salvátor géntium
for now the Savior of the nations
advénit mundi Dóminus
the Lord of the earth has come
redímere quos cóndidit.
to redeem those whom He has made.

Christo sit omnis glória,
To Christ be all glory,
quem Pater Deum génuit,
God whom the Father has begotten,
quem Virgo mater édidit
Whom the Virgin Mother did bear
fecúnda Sancto Spíritu. Amen.
she who was made fruitful by the Holy Spirit.

Author unknown, 9th c.. Much used in ancient times for various feast of the Blessed Virgin, perhaps part of an alphabetical hymn. Other verses have been omitted for brevity.

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